Friday, April 23, 2010

1st book giveaway

Let's do a book giveaway.  The book is O Me of Little Faith by Jason Boyett, dealing with doubting God via memoir style.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Just be a public follower on my blog. (Hit the "Follow" button on the lower right hand corner)

2. Comment on this post to the question, "Have you ever doubted God?" (His existence, the power of prayer, the Holy Spirit, salvation, etc.).

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I'll close the giveaway on April 29.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  We're currently enjoying our new born son, Caleb Zechariah Chang.

And as an FYI, the Chang gang put our rings together and summoned Captain Planet yesterday for Earth day.  He only comes around once a year.


  1. Hey Jonathan, I just wanted to give a little more hope to the other followers of the blog, because I've already bought Jason's book.

    I have SOOOOOO much doubt, but unlike the title of the book, I think this means I must have more faith! I'm a strong beleiver that God gave me this brain and the ability to question, so I may as well use it. A lemming I am not.

    Congrats on the baby!

  2. Thanks for doing this book giveaway. I have followed Jason's blog for a while and have seen your comments occasionally (I think on SCL too). My doubts are probably fairly common for most believers such as not believing God is big enough to handle my stuff.

  3. Jonathan, I'm already a follower, so I got that going for me...

    I have to think really hard to remember a time when I doubted God. But, I doubt myself daily, which could indirectly be related to a doubt of God.

    Congrats on your son Caleb! What a wonderful time!

  4. 1. Followed your blog - check
    2. Followed your twitter - check
    3. Answered your question - in progress

    Doubting God's existence would be like doubting my wife & children's existence: impossible. Doubting God's will: whole other ball game. I find more often than not, that when it comes to doubting God, all I am really saying is that I am doubting myself.

  5. "Have you ever doubted God?"
    Hmmm. I can't say doubted God's existence, but I have looked at the arguments against it.

    My biggest doubt is against the "church" in general, which if I doubt the church, does that mean I'm doubting God?

    It's something I've thought about.

  6. Hey bud, I would follow you into the fire depts of Mordor itself!! Check! lol But aside from everything I wanted to just comment on your question.
    I doubt at times but when I do it undoes what I have been socialized into believing. A lot of times I believe we gather our foundation from what we have been taught and of course at times that can be a great thing but sometimes we lose the notion of free thinking.
    Free thinkers always take the heat no matter what age we live in.
    A religion teacher once told me that he believed on judgement day the most shocked people will be the preachers. They align to doxology more then the humanity of Jesus. Meaning they can be rigid and set themselves above their congregation rather then relate to them. But.. I digress... Sometimes I do not know who to believe when it comes to something as serious as my soul, then I remember I have a personal walk with God and I dont need to look any farther then personal time with Him. I sometimes think Jesus became man not just for us to have someone to relate to but so God also had a experience to relate to Us.
    - Steveo

  7. My doubts are also more with the church and with some christians. I don't understand how some churches (or church bodies)pick and choose which sins prevent people from being allowed to worship God at their church and which sins you can say with a smile, "I'm working on it," and which sins you just sweep under the rug and forget God said anything about them. I don't understand why they would feel so self righteous. I do NOT hold this attitude against God. He had nothing to do with it. It is just Satan trying to have a grip on the throats of God's people. I would like to read this book and will even if I am not the victor. =) Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. I have I have to say that, no I've not doubted God. However, having said that, I have in my life had MANY people, many that I called friend at one time or another, try to get me to. Whether it was by their blatant disbelief, questioning my belief, or just trying to pull me into debates/arguments over any beliefs. I've only had 2 people at 2 separate times in my life reaffirm how strong my personal beliefs are by: 1, a friend, tell me I was brave and not afraid to stand by my convictions no matter what anyone said; & 2, a teacher turned employer who basically told me my belief in God radiated from me and was curious as to how I kept such a strong knowledge in "worldly" things yet was able to stand strong, despite my young age at the time. As I told said friend only a short while ago, what these 2 people said to me meant more than anything, I just wish I was able to still be the person he saw so long ago. Doubt, I've never had, people trying to force some doubt upon me only made my faith stronger, my problem is taking a daily walk, or even a weekly hour with Him as I should. But time and time again I'm told it starts with me, in my home, in my heart and I just can't seem to get myself in better habits.

  9. @Phyrefly - Couldn't agree more. I have a family member who repeatedly tells me I am "way to smart to believe all this garbage about a higher power." It is disheartening to say the least. Good job being strong and steadfast in your beliefs! It is difficult in the face of non believers and I would be lying if I said her words never hurt me. They haven't made me doubt exactly, but they have made me want answers to some things I have never questioned before. And well done, Nicodemus, for getting us talking about this. I don't even think it is the book that's doing it. I think it is just a good question. :)

  10. hmmm. I used to doubt God alot in the sense that I didnt really expect Him to answer my prayer. I didnt actually believe that He could hear me or would answer. Im not always there now. But my faith in Him is certainly better.