Friday, May 28, 2010

#148 Nicodemus's conversation

On one humid night, Nicodemus slipped out of his house and met with Jesus.  They talked all kind of things from politics to sports to if there really was life after death.  Nicodemus made a joke about how the Sadducees didn’t believe in life after death and snickered, “It sure is ‘Sad you see’.”  But then he got serious.  “There’s something about you Jesus, I can’t quite put my finger on.”

“Jesus, I’m a popular man up there as one of the members on the Sanhedrin” Nicodemus said softly while looking at the ground, “Yet, I feel burdened with all the law and the politics that go along with it.  “What do you want in life Nicodemus?” Jesus asked intently.  “I don’t know.  I feel on guard all the time.  All the other members expect me to carry a certain persona and if I let them down, I’ll never hear the end of it, or worse, get voted off the board.  We have the power to decide a person’s case and tell them if they broke the law, and nobody can challenge us either.”  Jesus chuckled and said, “Nicodemus, I think you’re searching for power.”  “Power?  I don’t know, maybe.  Speaking of power, there’s something about you, like you’re from God because of all the miracles you do.”  “Nicodemus,” Jesus declared, “You’re not going to see power, and you’re not going to see God, unless you’re born again.”

“How can someone go back inside his mother’s womb?  You saw that Rugby player didn’t you?  How in the world would he fit in there again?”  Nicodemus asked.   “Think of it this way, the wind goes where it goes.  There’s no controlling it.  You can hear it and feel it, but you don’t know where it came from and you don’t know where it’s going.  It’s the same with a person who’s born again, who’s born of the spirit, who believes.” Jesus said while looking in Nicodemus’s eyes.  “How can this be Jesus?”  Nicodemus inquired.  “You’re a leader and a teacher, and you don’t know these things?  I know you’re searching, I can see you want to be honest with people, but this is the verdict, light has come into the world but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.  Everyone knows how politicians are perceived.  I know there's things going on in that realm that probably aren’t right.  There's a lot of power struggles going on within the Sanhedrin and you’re not ignorant to that Nicodemus.  You see it everyday.   But if you want to be transparent before the world, if you want to come out from under the weight of religion and law, then know that whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.  Now that’s power, Nicodemus,” said a smiling Jesus.


  1. Love the way you shared this story... such a good one. I am really enjoying your writing! Keep it coming =)

  2. I usually read the Bible without trying to think of it from my perspective, which means that it is cold and at times difficult to understand. Thanks for sharing how you reconstruct what is written to make it more understandable.