Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remix - Cheating in Hide and Seek

I don't know about you, but I'm a fan of hide and seek.  And I'm pretty good at it.  As an elementary grader, every time I went over a friend's house, I was always the last one to be found.  I mastered the art of how to hold my breath so the seeker would pass by a closet or laundry room never suspecting a thing.  I had a talent for getting serious so as to not laugh.  Because we all know laughter is ten times more magnified when you're trying not to laugh.  I may be lying when I say I could throw my voice.  I could even use some sort of Jedi mind trick to make others go the opposite way instead of finding me nestled in the refrigerator snacking on various jellos and cinnamon raisin bread and butter pickles.

Me and my 3 year old daughter Chloe play now.  We do warm up shenanigans prior though.  We crawl from room to room first.  Then drive in the imaginary car which is her bed.  I normally go outside of her room and count to 10.  Then in her child like thinking which is very serious to her, she does something funny.  As I'm looking for her I say things like, "Is Chloe under the bed?"  And she will loudly say, "NO!"  So I'll keep asking, "Is Chloe in the closet?"  "NO!"  Then she'll giggle.  

She tells me where she's hiding.  As I go outside the door, I see where she hides.  And I get a glimpse of her running to hide in the closet or I see a leg with a blue Dora band-aid.

As we do this, I wonder if this what I do with God.  I'm constantly hiding from God when I'm off in my own business.  I'll wander off into apathy towards life and make out with it in a dark closet trying to convince myself God doesn't see me or care what I'm doing.  I wonder if God chuckles a little when I do this.  He sees where I'm hiding.  He know my intentions.

In Genesis chapter 3, God plays a bit of hide and seek with Adam.  And God asks, "Where are you?"  I sense the hurt in God's voice because he knows why Adam is hiding from him.  But I think God was being gracious in that moment.  He was gentle on Adam and God played along as if he didn't know where Adam was.   

I'm glad God cheats at hide and seek.

I'm glad he's gentle when he finds me.

I'm glad God still seeks me out.

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  1. That's good stuff - I always love the little details. IE: the blue Dora Band-Aid